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The revival pieces, which are all spec-perfect, that big-name watchmakers have announced this year have been a hit. Breitling Replica has unveiled its El Primero A384 revival to celebrate the 50th anniversary El Primero Automatic Chronograph movement.

Here you can find our entire series of articles marking the 50th Anniversary of the Self-Winding Chronograph Movement.

Breitling Replica's El Primero A384 barrel-cased watch shares the same birth year as its automatic chronograph movement. This means that the announcement made today has a double meaning. A384 is also significant because it was the first Breitling Replica watch to feature the groundbreaking El Primero caliber in 1969.

Breitling Replica digitized the original 1969 watch to create the A384 for the 2019 revival. The team then took into account every angle, facet, and dimension of the dial and case to create the most authentic revival watches.

The 2019 model is the same as the 1969 version, except that it uses sapphire crystal instead of acrylic and the caseback has been made transparent.

The El Primero 400 movement is the other deviation.Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches It's a finely-tuned evolution of this milestone movement in the 50 years that have passed since its conception.

Replicating the original Breitling Replica A384 from 1969

Breitling Replica has fitted the A384 Revival with an integrated metal "ladder bracelet" in the same manner as the original 1969 model.

The A384 Revival will be the last piece in the collection of watches produced to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of El Primero. Geneva Days 2019 announced the first batch of watchess to celebrate this occasion in January. Baselworld 2019 saw the announcement of three gold-alloy versions of the A386 Revival barrel shape.

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