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Why the CH 29 is so Awesome

1. Optimized tooth profiles

The first patent is a completely new tooth profile, both for the central chronograph and drive wheels. Previously, these wheels were meshing in a way where the teeth did not match exactly. This caused chronograph backlash and the seconds hand to jump backward or forward in an unattractive way. Breitling Navitimer Replica has eliminated this with its new profile which allows teeth to slide into place easily even when they touch point to point.

2. Adjustment of the engagement depth on the column wheel

The second patent is a synchronization between the clutch and brake lever.Replica Watches The brake must be turned off exactly when the clutch engages, and then on again as soon as the chronograph wheel disengages. The two levers used to be operated by the column wheels and they had to adjust individually. Getting the timing correct was a laborious and difficult task. The CH29 brake lever is controlled by the clutch lever's arm. The clutch lever has an eccentric screw that allows Breitling Navitimer Replica watchmakers to fine-tune the depth of engagement as well as the timing.

3. The clutch lever and the brake lever can be synchronized to perfection

The third patent was related to the eccentric caps on the column wheels. Okay, to comply with Geneva Seal requirements, your column wheel must wear a decorative lid. Breitling Navitimer Replica engineers transformed this eccentric element into a mechanism that controls the depth at which the chronograph and drive wheels mesh. It is a brilliant idea to give a decorative element a function. Bravo, Patek Phillipe.

4. Slotted minute counter cam

The fourth patent is a system for the precise jump minute counter.rolex day date replica This type of chronocounter was first used in the Lange Datograph. This watch, however, uses a system that includes a snail-cam on the chronograph and a felter that drops from the end of the cam every time the second hand crosses the one-minute mark. The feeler then drags the minute count forward.

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